At Mossy Pond Retrievers (MPR) we offer a well-rounded training program designed to fit all clients' needs. We specialize in training gun dogs, dogs interested in competing in AKC and UKC sanctioned hunt tests and field trials and the gentlemen's gun dog, dogs that flush and retrieve.

Team MPR


       Dogs are exposed to various environments, terrain and situations during their stay. We incorporate the use of bumpers, decoys and live birds throughout the training process. Our live birds include ducks, quail, pigeons, and pheasant. We utilize the natural game year round, preparing your retriever for all hunting situations.

    Our most popular training is our four month "Boot Camp".  During this time dogs undergo training in obedience, steady in the field, deliver to hand, and are socialized to gunfire. We also include introduction to live birds, decoys, blinds and boats. Graduates of this stage are considered 'started' and move on to higher levels such as 'seasoned' and 'master'. 

        In addition to the daily training regimen, each retriever receives specialized time; one-on-one training, and "pack time" (interacting with other dogs) and daily exercise. 

Brad Arington with Mossy Pond Retrievers gives a valuable hunting tip on how to train your hunting dog to deal with diving ducks on Season 9 episode 5 "On The Edge". Watch full episode on The Outdoor Channel.